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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kirstin McKenzie's reflection

I enjoyed collaborating with my colleague Ang O’leary during this assignment.

I decided early to create a blog to present our work because I thought it would be an effective tool for collaboration. I also like the creative element of blogsites. Fortunately, Ang embraced the idea and has contributed some fantastic posts to our site.

I chose to review a film because Week 10 Aboriginal Voices talks about Indigenous work in screen. I had already viewed Samson and Delilah and thought I would analyse this film, however, I decided to focus on the more obscure production Stone Bros. which I had not seen.

I loved the movie and it has become one of my favourites. I urge anyone who has not seen it to do so soon! Its artistic integrity, so apparent in much Indigenous work, shines strong and bright.

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  1. I, too enjoyed this collaborative effort in putting this blog together, I have appreciated feedback from Kirstin and found that there is a wealth of knowledge that springs forth from many exceptional Aboriginal artists and writers, we are living in an exciting time where old paradigms are shifting, much to the credit of the voices that are compelled to re-tell history and re-shape the future.